Visions of Images

Upon becoming a public servant, I took an oath to be of constant concern for the welfare of our beloved seniors and children.  It is for this reason that I formed this corporation.

Why “VISIONS of Images?”  Funny you should ask.  It is kind of weird but an awesome testimony.  Oftentimes when I am sleeping or just relaxing my mind becomes impregnated with images of projects, ideas, events, etc.  I see people working with youth and seniors.  I see programs providing mentoring, promoting social and personal responsibility and leadership skills to youth.  I see a network of services and support for limited mobility and homebound senior citizens.  These visions are so alive and real; they cause me to wake up at any time and begin to write the plan.

Webster dictionary defines a vision as a manifestation to the senses of something.  An “image” is defined as a reproduction of something seen.  Well in my own way, I want to bring to manifestation the visual representation of what I see in my dreams.  It is for this reason that I formed this organization.

Aged with Dignity Program Objectives include:
  • To provide a means where seniors can socialize, interact, remain in their homes and stay active participants in their communities
  • To enable people an opportunity to assist directly and have an impact with the senior population
  • To provide a comprehensive program of Social Services that is responsive to and representative of the diverse needs of seniors and/or limited mobility residents while enabling self determination, independence, increasing dignity and supporting autonomy
  • To promote and support senior citizen involvement in a healthy and interactive lifestyle through programs, activities and services
  • To recognize when further support and services are needed for homebound seniors by providing outreach into their home
Aged with Dignity Program Initiatives include:
  • Adopt-A-Senior – This is designed to help supplement impoverished seniors by providing nutritional items i.e. fruit, vegetables, etc. so that they are not faced with the difficult decision of choosing between medicine, rent and food.
  • Seminars – Monthly health & wellness, physical & mental health education, and non-medical workshops.
    Social Engagements – Quarterly activities to encourage seniors to “enjoy life” i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner parties, dances, arts & crafts, field trips, etc.
  • Emergency DoorHanger program – Working in partnership with local law enforcement, we provide fluorescent colored doorhangers that denote “I’m ok” on one side and “I need help” of the other side for seniors to place on their front door in an emergency situation.
  • Vial of Life – A program that provides medical information to emergency responders during a medical crisis. In the event of an emergency, paramedics will look for the “Vial of Life” sticker on the senior’s front door or window and will know that the persons medical information is located in a “Vial” in the refrigerator.
PreCision (a summer youth female development program) will:

Provide Resources for today’s young ladies that Empower and Cultivate their Individual Self-love while Imparting various Opportunities that are Needed for them to become productive citizens.

PreCision Program Objectives include:
  • To provide opportunities for girls that actively engage them in a variety of settings
  • To collaborate with other youth initiatives
  • To promote leadership, personal and social responsibility
  • To increase academic achievement
  • To encourage participation in service and community activities
  • To provide general guidance, service learning and professional development
  • To motivate and inspire young girls through moral, intellectual, academic and social contacts that will contribute to their success
PreCision Program Workshop Topics include:
  • Set-up for Success & Financial Planning
  • Female Bonding, Responsibility & Leadership
  • Positive Learning, Academic/ Career Assessment
  • Community Service& Team Building
  • Self-Esteem & Communication Skills
  • Dating and other Relationships
  • Etiquette
  • Feminine Health Issues

VISIONS of Images, Incorporated is a caring 501(c)3 corporation that volunteers invaluable services, initiatives and opportunities that are directed toward nurturing seniors and youth. We provide an “Intergenerational Connection.”