precision-logoToday’s young girls are more driven and inspired than ever before.  Unfortunately, most girls lack the resources and moral guidance they need to fulfill their innermost dreams.   Through a unique mentoring program, PreCision will foster healthy self-esteem in girls by engaging them to explore and define their personal values and to build skills that empower them with confidence and courage to make wise choices.  It will allow girls to participate in various activities and conversations to promote self-worth.  The strong bonds formed during PreCision meetings will stay with the girls throughout their lives.  This unique experience will help girls grow into confident, independent young women.

Mission of PreCision

PreCision exists to empower girls aged 7-18 by promoting self-esteem and the development of leadership skills in an environment safe for them to embrace their uniqueness and develop a sense of individuality that will enable them to realize their dreams.

Vision Statement

To create a culture of learning and respect area where girls become creative thinkers, confident women, and committed leaders in their communities.

The Empowerment of Girls program
serves as a catalyst for girls aged 7-18 to:
  • Increase independence and confidence in themselves
  • Learn to accept others and be respectful of differences
  • Become active and influential participants and leaders in their communities
  • Better their decision-making skills and plan for their futures
  • Explore new avenues to develop their educational and career paths
  • Learn to reduce high-risk behaviors, e.g. teen pregnancy, truancy, etc.

PreCision (a summer youth female development program) will…

Provide Resources for today’s young ladies that Empower and Cultivate their Individual Self-love while Imparting various Opportunities that are Needed for them to become productive citizens.