Accomplishments & Experience

With years of experience, Felicia has been an outstanding advocate for youth, education, senior citizens and more. Her hard work and dedication has rendered considerable accomplishments that have given her a proven track record for being an innovative community advocate who works and fights for her constituents.

Over the years and as Vice Mayor of West Park, Felicia has done the following.

Supported the following Ordinances:

  • Establishing the Education Advisory Committee Ordinance
  • Prohibiting Convicted Sexual Violators Ordinance
  • Zoning Code Ordinance, Extended Hours License, Separation Requirements Alcohol Beverage Establishments (sponsored)

Sponsored the following Resolutions:

  • Honoring Carole Andrews
  • Bicycle Safety Week – March 4 to 16, 2006
  • Black History Month – February 2007, 2008 and 2009)
  • Communities for a Lifetime
  • Community Budget Requests – 2007 Florida State Legislature
  • Hispanic Heritage Month – September 15 to October 15, 2007
  • Honoring Reverend Dr. I. W. Hepburn, Sr. (Memoriam)
  • Older Americans Month – May 2007 and 2008
  • “Public Schools Day, Broward County” – October 15, 2005
  • “National Literacy Month” – September 2006
  • Senior Citizen Programs Funding, Aging and Disability Resource Center of Broward County Agreement
  • State Legislative Lobbyist Services
  • “Women’s Equality Day” – August 26, 2007 (promoted)
  • Adopt-A-Street Program, Super Bowl XLI Anti-Litter Campaign, 2006
  • Annual Relay for Life (fight against cancer) events, 2007, 2008 and 2009
  • Annual Strategic Planning (Goal-Setting) Session, 2006
  • Fire Safety Month – October with activities that took place within the city, 2007
  • Flashing Lights Installation – Fire Station – 2006 to present
  • Individual Commission Assignments (Duties and Responsibilities), 2006
  • “Safe Place” Outreach Program (Visible Signs and Decals Placed in the City), 2006
  • Summer Food Service (Broward County School Board agreement), 2007
  • Summer Program for Children (Children’s Services Council Agreement), 2007
  • Traffic Calming Devices, 2007


  • Logo Design Contest, Accepting Donated Gifts as Prizes, 2005
  • Logo Selection Committee, Establishing a Logo Selection Committee for the City of West Park’s Logo Design Contest, 2005

Official Adoption of City Logo 2006

A. As an advocate of the Beautification Advisory Committee, Implemented the Beautification Awards program (adopted as the city commission’s highest priority and priority goals 2006 and 2008):

B. Recommended the approval of individual City Commission Assignments under the following categories:

    • Public Safety and Emergency Management and Legislative Issues
    • Planning, Zoning and Engineering and Public Works
    • Community Relations, Parks and Recreation, and Educational Advisory Committee
    • Economic Development (city commission’s priority goal 2006 ) and Finance, and Code Enforcement (city commission’s priority goal 2006)

1. Community Relations Assignment

(a)  Administered the development of the city’s quarterly newsletter and included in the fourth quarterly newsletter, as an annual report, featuring the city’s accomplishments for the year
(b)  Promoted the Annual Relay for Life events approved and endorsed by the city
(c)  Endorsed Broward County Property Appraiser (BCPA) workshops on Property Taxes and Exemptions and TRIM notices to the community
(d)  Highlighted events held at other locations within the community (Carver Ranches Boys and Girls Club, Eric S. George Funeral Home)
(e)  Introduced the implementation of the Emergency Front Door Hangers
(f)  Hurricane Preparedness Program – initiated the Hurricane Shutter Program for Broward County Senior Citizens and Track Seniors, People with Disabilities and Displaced Individuals
(g)  Publicized Tax Free Hurricane Supplies
(h)  Initiated the city’s scholarship program
(i)  Advocated for proper Street Lighting on SR 7
(j)  Traffic control
(k)  Public Transportation – disabilities/senior citizens (city commission’s opportunity goal 2006)

2. Parks and Recreation Assignment

(a)  Helped supported the promotion and scheduling of ongoing and periodical programs, special events, and activities for people of all ages at Mary Saunders Park; (youth events, commission’s highest priority and opportunity goals 2006)
(b)  Oversaw the Children’s Services Council (CSC) Agreement, Summer Program for Children
(c)  Sponsored the adoption of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (to review the evaluation to fund improvements at Mary Saunders Park, with community input before submitting the grant application to the state)
(d)  Promoted the Camp Building Responsible Awesome Vital Ecstatic Respectful Youth BRAVERY “Most” Year Round Program

3. Education Advisory Committee Assignment

As an ex-officio non-voting member, advised the city commission and the community on the following educational matters and actions taken:

(a) Approved its mission statement, purpose, goals and vision and developed its belief statements and action plan
(b) Sponsored the first annual Community-Wide Educational Summit on September 30, 2006; participated in the 2006 Best Practices Showcase; the January 31, 2007 Education Consortium Summit, and promoted ongoing events namely; college fairs and events and Back-to-School health fairs in the community
(c) Appointed a community liaison representative for the respective area schools
(d) Conducted a campaign promoting the need for youth mentors and volunteers and held a mentor training program
(e) Established a Youth Advisory Council and approved the Youth Advisory Council’s Membership Application process to the area schools requesting students’ grades nine to 12 to be selected to serve on the Youth Advisory Council
(f) Supported the School Board of Broward County’s funding allocation earmarked for the Boys and Girls Club After-School Program for 14 days
(g) Approved sending welcome letters to new area school principals
(h)  Honored area school students at the city commission meeting with Certificate of Achievement awards

C. Initiated a policy on the public appearing before the commission which allowed more public access by majority vote. (Recognized the ability to accommodate the public to meet with their respective elected officials at the city administrator’s office)

D. Suggested legislative issues of concern by scheduling appointments for each city commissioner to talk with as many legislators as possible which resulted in the adoption of Resolution 2007-07, State Legislative Lobbyist Services (the city commission’s highest priority goal 2006).

E. Initiated the Annual City Commission Budget Workshop before the budget public hearings.

F. Recommended the Advisory Boards Training by the Florida League of Cities (city commission endorsed goal 2008).